Supporting the professional development of future leaders in the work against AMR.

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What is Future Leaders Against AMR?

Future Leaders Against AMR is an international programme for students and early career professionals, designed to support their development as future leaders in the work against antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

This is achieved through various activities for participants, including relevant career guidance; exploration of the many fields relevant to the issue with an interdisciplinary One Health perspective; soft-skills training; small project management; and personal mentorship from current experts and professionals.

The programme has been taking place virtually since the beginning of 2022, running for 10 weeks in total. Participant applications opened in November 2021, closing in December 2021, with priority given to those from LMIC and academic & professional backgrounds not typically associated with AMR. 

The aim is to both educate and empower the next generation of leaders in the work against AMR.

Why antimicrobial resistance?

AMR is one of the top ten public health threats facing humanity; more than 10 million people could die annually in 2050 from resistant infections.  

Why young people?

There is a real need to support young people to engage in health issues, including efforts to understand and curb AMR. Young people have a unique position as change-makers within in their professional and personal communities both now and in the future.

Join the 10-week open lecture series!

Due to the high number of applications (317 for just 40 places), Future Leaders Against AMR is running a concurrent lecture series for the 10 weeks, with one lecture a week opened to all who applied and anybody else who is interested.

How is this programme funded?

The Foundation to Prevent Antibiotic Resistance, based in Sweden, is the non-profit organisation which funds the Future Leaders Against AMR programme through a grant.

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The Foundation to Prevent Antibiotic Resistance

The PAR Foundation supports efforts to prevent antibiotic resistance, striving for a catalyst role by funding promising projects. The PAR Foundation funds and supports this programme. 

Key values when approaching work to curb AMR:


A diverse and representative approach to improve participation and collaboration in the face of AMR as a collective action problem.


Belief in the power of working together to achieve common goals across borders, sectors & organisations.


An understanding of the need for a range of skills and expertise to address the  complexity of AMR. 

Cultural and social sensitivity

Recognition of the importance of well-contextualised action and local community leadership.   


We are motivated by both the problems and solutions; change is possible if we choose to act now.

How is AMR relevant to alternative disciplines?

Future Leaders Against AMR welcomes applications from all disciplines, though is particularly keen to promote the importance of those outside of the biological sciences and medical field. AMR requires a response characterised by interdisciplinary collaboration between a range of fields, including the social sciences.

Click on the subject area to find out more about some of the ways your discipline can contribute to efforts to curb AMR. 


For young people by young people

Project director

Anna Govett, founder and project director of the Future Leaders Against AMR programme, graduated in 2021 from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Politics and International Relations.

She has previously organised an AMR training programme with Students for Global Health Cambridge during her undergraduate years, and so has experience of engaging other young people in AMR.

Anna hopes to support the next generation of change-makers in the work against AMR through the Future Leaders Against AMR programme.




Students and young professionals who have gone above and beyond to lead in efforts to combat AMR.

Daniel Waruingi

Co-founder and Head of Programs, Students Against Superbugs Africa

Frida Romay Hidalgo

Lawyer and AMR activist, National Autonomous University of Mexico and the Mexican National Institute of Public Health

Christine Agbenu and Anya Webber

AMR Youth Training Programme Co-Founders and AMR National Working Group Co-Leads, Students For Global Health UK

Opportunities for funding

PAR Foundation’s grant call for early career individuals

PAR Foundation is planning a grant call targeted to improve the ability and interest of promising early career individuals to contribute through their professional careers to effective AMR work. Funding could be granted, for example, to early career individuals running independent projects, to finance internships at established organisations or to enable junior researchers from different fields to work on projects related to prevention of antibiotic resistance.
Details regarding the early career grant will be announced early in 2022 at

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